GETPlus Co., Ltd is Dasin leading edge by Japanese leading edge industry and joint investment in 1973., was established to Gumi Factory Jar's most suitable earth by reciprocity named Ltd.
After Seolripi motto of a company and principle as is small our company decide by excellent quality, competitive price and quick delivery date that is Central in development of greatly Korean electronics industry and concentrate their best.

Advances feet in the China fast to correspond to after this internationalization and price competitiveness and established Tsingtao factory investing Tientsin factory of 100% in 94 in 92, and for Southeast Asia production base in 2004 Thailand factory there establishing 100% investment in in-service be.

Electronic component of TV, MONITOR, VCR, Switching (Power) Transformer used to communication etc.., HDT, SMD Inductor, Coil class etc. is, and produce Display Terminal, SMPS, Module etc. by product by production. Main customer is purveying to LG Electronics, SamSung Electronic, Ancheonjeongi. And, reciprocity at June, 2004 in Dasin leading edge at the time of establishment GETPlus Co., changed by Ltd.

Forward, I ask many quorums of customers.

Thank you.